September 28, 2022

The real world is way too important. This list features the top sci-fi shows that we think are worth watching. The list now includes two new gems: Apple TV+’s ambitious space opera Foundation, based upon Isaac Asimov’s novel, and the brand-new-to-Netflix Oats Studios Volume. 1 is a collection of short films by visionary filmmaker Neil Blomkamp.

You’ll find many shows on different streaming platforms about futurities, clones, and robots with feelings. This list includes shows from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and HBO Max.

Black Mirror

What it is about: Each episode of this anthology series tells a different story about the dangers and depravities that technology can cause. Black Mirror will have you questioning whether to cut all your cords just to be safe.
Why it’s worth viewing: If you are ready to hate the human race, Black Mirror might be the sci-fi series for you. Although most stories are sad and some are even horrendous, some are refreshing enough to make you smile. Season 3’s San Junipero or Season 4’s Hang the DJ are two examples. This binge is great because, while it will get you hooked, you won’t find yourself rushing through every episode at 3 AM. Each episode is a separate story.
How many seasons 5

Stargate Universe

What it is about: A group of scientists, military personnel, and a few civilians are accidentally transported to an ancient ship thousands of lightyears away from Earth. As they try to find their way home, tensions rise as they are stranded in strange galaxies.
Why it’s worth viewing: We chose Stargate Universe over all other Stargate shows to include because it incorporates all our favorite elements of sci-fi: a brilliant team of stranded aliens, space, time travel, and political infighting. This series is a great place to go for all your geektastic fantasies. It also has the bonus of top-notch storytelling and performances. However, Stargate Universe was canceled after Season 2. It ended on a huge cliffhanger so we recommend you avoid this binge. You’ll be wishing for more. We appreciate your understanding.
How many seasons: 2


It’s all about: An X-Files-style team of experts, led by John Noble, a scientist who is a bit crazy, Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv, investigates strange occurrences in the country. Their efforts lead them to uncover something completely new that will forever change the world.
Why it’s worth viewing: This J.J. Abrams-produced series has been a great success in serializing procedurals. It weaves the show’s rich mythology and exceptional character work into standalone stories each week, making it easy for viewers to watch in small chunks or binge-watch. You’ll find it difficult to stop watching Season 1.
How many seasons 5

12 Monkeys

What it is about: After a deadly virus infects 7 billion people worldwide, survivors in 2043 send James Cole ( Aaron Stanford ) back in time to stop the virus from being released. Time loops and forbidden romance can get in the way of his mission to save humanity.
Why it’s worth viewing: 12 Monkeys is an interesting show that you need to be attentive to keep track of the changing timelines and loops. But the mythology and world-building are too good to miss! This show also features some of the best kick-butt women in sci-fi, which can be difficult to find. You can binge-watch the entire series from start to finish once the fourth and final seasons are over.
How many season:4

Peter Capaldi, Doctor Who

Doctor Who

What it is about: The Doctor, an extinct humanoid alien called the Time Lords travels the universe with his (or her!)! Tardis is a time-traveling spaceship with the shape of a telephone booth. His (or her!) companions, The Doctor often saves the world from destruction together. With his (or her!) human companions, the Doctor saves the world regularly from destruction. Quick wit and timely, witty adventures.
Why you should be watching: If you are looking for something less intense and more playful, Doctor Whois is for you. Each episode takes the Doctor and his companions on a wild adventure through a different time or galaxy, often both. The show can strike you right where you need it. It’s not a show full of humor, but it can make you cry. Jodie Whittaker was the first female doctor to join the series in Season 11.
How many season:12

Altered carbon

What it is about: Scientists have discovered a way to digitally save consciousness. This allows people’s minds and bodies to be copied and transferred from one body to the next, effectively making them immortal. He hires Takeshi Kovacs to find out who killed him, even though his copy consciousness is preserved. Season 2: Kovacs is in a new body and searches for his long-lost love, while investigating a series of new murders.
Why it’s worth viewing: This futuristic Bingeable TV Series is sure to make your head spin with amazing technological advances and a mystery almost too complicated to solve. But the best part is the flashback section. It not only fits well with the overall story but also leaves you wanting a spin-off that’s completely set in the past.
How many season:2

The 100

What it is about: Nearly 100 years have passed since nuclear war decimated the human race on Earth. The only survivors are those aboard The Ark, a joint-space station that circles the globe. The Ark sends 100 teenagers to Earth to test if it is habitable. But they find much more than they bargained for.
Why it’s worth viewing: If you don’t believe the words “apocalypse”, “teens” or “teens,” The 100 are worth the effort just for the dynamic storytelling. Instead of focusing on teens running a community, this show focuses on how far humans will go to survive and whether you have to give up what makes you human. It offers a very insightful look into the future and has seven seasons.
How many seasons 7


The truth about Space cowboys. That’s enough.
Why it’s worthwhile watching: What list would be complete with the cult favorite Firefly Although it was only 14 episodes long, this short-lived series was loved by fans. This makes it a short binge-worthy series full of shootouts and smuggling, which will leave you wanting more. You can find the wrap-up movie Serenity, currently streaming on Starz.
How many seasons1

Evan Rachel Wood, Westworld


What it is about: A western-themed amusement park serves to entertain the super-wealthy. But the locals aren’t actors, they’re robots. Artificial intelligence technology has made it possible for “hosts” that look almost lifelike to imitate human behavior. However, these hosts don’t know that the world in which they live (and die) is not real.
Why you should be watching: Despite a slow Season 2, Westworld still offers a thrilling binge that will keep your attention. The added benefit is that you’ll be able to get the answers to the season’s most pressing questions faster than week-to-week viewers who had to speculate and watch at a slower pace. You’ll have a great time in Westworld as long as you keep in mind that anyone can become a robot at any moment.
How many seasons3


What it is about: Strange things begin to happen in Winden, Germany. This happens because of a wormhole found in the underground caves below the power plant. In a fascinating mystery that spans three generations, time travel, disappearing children, and family secrets are intertwined.
Why you should see: The first Netflix Original in German is Dark. This means that you will either need subtitles or the English dub. Although it might take you a while to get into the show, it’s worth it once you are. The show’s bizarre sense of humor and the tangled webs of family secrets and time travel make for an entertaining mystery that will keep your eyes open late at night.
How many seasons 3


What it is about: In a future in which humans have colonized all of the solar system’s planets, prejudices have split humanity into three camps: Earth (the Earth), Mars (the Mars), and The Belt (an asteroids belt). When a strange alien technology is discovered, and a political conspiracy that spans the solar system begins unraveling, it’s up to James Holden to save humanity from this potential alien weapon.
Why you should be watching: The most fascinating part of The Expanse are the complex world-building and political maneuverings that underline the cool sci-fi stuff such as space battles or gravity torture. There are many juicy plot arcs built around the interplanetary conflict that is the heart of the story. These arcs lead to some truly unexpected reveals.
How many seasons 4. Season 5 will be released on Dec. 15.