September 28, 2022

1. Keep it Relevant

Reddit traffic can be very high if you keep your posts relevant to users.

This means that your posts should be tailored to the subreddit you are posting to. Don’t post content that targets too many people.

You will need to research your subreddit to see which posts are most popular. You will get a better understanding of your audience. You will then be better equipped to create a well-received post.

You will need to first develop customers if your site’s ultimate goal is to sell products or gain social media followers.

This will allow you to be in touch with your audience and save you time.

2. Only post great content

Reddit is the best place to post your best content!

It will not work well if you have too much content. You’ll also lose valuable reputation points (karma), and it will be downvoted.

Post only in-depth, original, well-written, and helpful content. Reddit users will click on your article wherever you post it. Your results will be determined by what they think and you can also buy reddit upvotes, so more people will see your content.

3. No double-dipping

Do not get greedy about me!

The big win can be addictive, I will admit.

Logging in to your analytics account, you will see a spike in traffic. You then realize that it was Reddit posts. It took only 2 seconds!

Usually, the next natural thought that comes to mind is “I should do this all the time!”

This is where you could get into trouble. Avoid “hot areas. If you have just posted a link to a subreddit or forum, please let it rest for a bit. I wait usually 2 weeks to a full month before posting another link in the same subreddit.

4. Have fun

This is the most important point that impatient marketers often overlook.

This explains why the ‘other guys’ don’t get traffic from Reddit.

Reddit users must be normal.

You can’t be a marketer. You must be a Redditor.

Interact with other users. You can build a history of posts that shows you are a normal user. You can increase your karma by leaving funny or helpful comments on other posts.

This means that you will be spending hours browsing the site, seemingly wasting your time?

Not possible!

It takes only 10 minutes per week to talk about your favorite subjects and comment on funny GIF images. Reddit users are passionate about their site, which is what’s interesting.

If they suspect they are a marketer, they WILL look at your post’s history to see if their suspicions are confirmed. You will be able to prove them wrong if you have lots of normal posts!

You can also have fun on subreddits related to your niche to get a feel for what posts are most popular so that you can create your popular posts.

These are the guidelines that have allowed me to get the results I want for the site I am currently working on.

Reddit was never a traffic source for my site before I started using these techniques.

What did it take to get those 1,104 Clicks from Reddit? Drumroll…

The Total 3 Posts.

It took me just a minute to create each of these posts. It’s not a bad traffic ROI for 3 minutes.

This is a screenshot from the Reddit traffic I received during my first week of helping to promote this site. This was a single post.

Advanced Steps

These steps will help you maintain a positive reputation and keep the above results going.

5. Before the community has them, address their concerns

You can go far with steps 1 through 4, but you need to keep going if you want it to be even more (which I know you do).

Step 4 of the list ties in with the step about addressing the concerns of the community before they have them. Reddit users will find a variety of reasons to post links to your site. They will try to find a reason to downvote them, report you to moderators, or bad-mouth you.

You need to beat them and address all their concerns before they can speak.

Let me show you how it was done while I promoted my first Udemy course.

Text posts can be used to promote something. You need to offer value and explain yourself before users click through to your website. As long as the content is helpful and honest, you can be open about it is yours.

6. Never let your first (or second!) post be considered a promotion.

This is a given, but it’s important to note that if you are new to a subreddit you should first post some other items there before you promote your content. This is the second point I’ve made, as the previous one was too long.


Don’t Be a Reddit Marketer!

Be an active Redditor.

Spend 10 minutes more per week to use the site as normal and get a feel of the community.

This guide will help you become a respected Reddit user who also owns a website. You will also be able to drive thousands to your website on demand.

Free communities are a great way to start your own business without spending any money.