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Weed plants and landscaping

According to the Bible, God cursed the land for bringing forth weeds after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. It states, “In the sweat on thy face, shalt you eat bread, until thou returns unto the ground: for it wast thou taken; for dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return. “(Genesis 3:19)

Although weeds are part of everyday life, having a strategy can make it easier to manage them. People don’t like to weed or procrastinate. It can be difficult to weed a yard that looks completely unkempt.

Best Strategy

It is best to weed young seedlings. A hoe can be used to quickly eliminate most weeds. It will take you very little time to weed if you only do it once per month. Early spring is the best time to weed. This is when there is plenty of water and the seedlings are just starting to sprout.

Weed Killer Applications

Small weeds are easier to get rid of than large ones. You can eliminate weeds with just one application if you start when they are small. For large weeds, you will need to apply more poison. Weed control takes much less time than hand-weeding. This may be your only option if you have a large field or pasture that is not in good condition.

Round Up has been found to be extremely effective by most people. Round Up can kill all weeds, grass and other plants. Other applications are only for lawns and kill broadleaf plants like dandelions. You can have the weeds sprayed by Chem Lawn if you hire them.

Large Gravel Lots – Ground Killers

Pramatol is a weedkiller that can be purchased at Intermountain Farmers Association. It is a white powder. It can be put on the ground to kill all weeds for a year. It will, however, make your ground sterile for as long as three years if you carefully read the label. It works well in one application, although we have not seen it working for more than one year. You should be cautious when using this product. Buy weed online


Some weeds don’t need to be sprayed often and can still survive. You can also pull them manually and almost always get rid of the roots. Morning Glory is one example. What can a homeowner do?

You can wait for them to die and then hit them next spring hard when they’re first sprouting. You may not like this answer so I will offer you an alternative to get rid of them immediately. Concentrated weed killer can be used. You can also use a paintbrush, or a rag to apply the weed killer. Concentrated weed killer will kill the weed. Do not just throw it on the weed. This is dangerous for humans and a violation of Federal Law. It is important to reduce the amount of time required and still get the job done.

A propane torch is another option. There are specialized propane torch that can be purchased to specifically burn out weeds. This is a quick and effective method that works well.

You should avoid poisons as much possible. They can be harmful to the environment and humans.


It is possible to just weed whack everything. Although this will give your property an overall boost, the weeds will soon return. It is best to first spray the weeds and then wait for a few weeks before you weed whack. The poison works better at the roots, and the additional weed whacking will make the weeds more likely to die.


Fumigants are soil-killers. Fumigants are used to clean soil. Fairy Ring is an example of a fumigant used in lawns. Fumigants should be left to professionals, and they are often a last resort. It is better to just replace the soil in most cases.

Why do you need them?

Many people loathe yard maintenance and weeds. There is a constant supply of weeds in their yard every year. The problem is usually in the design of the yard plants. Good design will reduce the amount of weeds. People make the biggest mistake of not planting enough plants in their yards. It’s hard for weeds to grow if flower beds are full with desired plants. This is also true for lawns. Lawns with a lot of weeds will be those that haven’t been properly maintained. It is very difficult for weeds or to establish themselves in healthy, thick grass.

Are you using weed barriers? Compost, bark, and wood chips make it harder for weeds take root. A weed mat can also be used to keep weeds out. You should use a commercial-grade weed mat. Curbing or metal edging between grass and flower beds is the most important barrier. It prevents grass from growing in areas you don’t want.


There are many varieties of weeds. Most people know what weeds are in their local area. For help and identification, bring a few of the plants to your local nursery.