September 28, 2022

Best Costume Shops in San Francisco: Best Picks for Halloween, Theme Parties, and Other Special Occasions

At the Golden Gate Bridge, Jill

Are you searching for the ideal costume for Halloween, Oktoberfest, or another upcoming special occasion? If that’s the case, you’re in luck. There are dozens of costume shops in San Francisco, each with a unique selection.

With so many options, you can end yourself wasting too much time going from one store to the next to see what they have. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the five top costume stores in San Francisco.

Every one of them has a huge selection. In addition to costumes, several stores sell accessories and party goodies.

Furthermore, they are all open all year, so you can visit at any time. I also recommend stopping by weeks in advance (if feasible) for big costume holidays and events like Halloween, as their selection shrinks as big costume holidays and events approach.

Haight-Ashbury Costumes

The Haight has a number of costume shops, but my favorite is Costumes on Haight, which is located in the Lower Haight. You will find the ideal costume for any occasion in their store.

You have the option of renting or purchasing the outfit you require. The majority of what they sell are complete costume sets, also, Star Wars fancy dress so you won’t have to go looking for extra pieces all over town.

Their costumes span from animals to prominent movie and television actors and actresses. When you rent, you must pay a deposit that is typically greater than the rental fee. You will, however, receive this as soon as the object is returned in excellent condition. Before you leave the store, be sure you have thoroughly examined it.

Fantasy Clothing Company is a clothing company that specializes on fantasy

The SoMa neighborhood is another area of the city where you can find a variety of costume shops. Fantasy Clothing Company is my top pick in this category.

They also sell and rent any outfit you can think of. From belly dancers to dragons to the Great Gatsby, there’s something for everyone. They will also ensure that you have the appropriate makeup, shoes, headwear, and other accessories to complete your look.

You’ll also find costumes for Easter, Christmas, and other holiday celebrations.

I appreciate that most of their pieces are one-of-a-kind and vintage, so you can be sure you won’t show up at the party wearing the same outfit as someone else!

Costume Rentals by A.C.T.

The American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) is a local theater company that rents out costumes from previous performances. This pick is considerably different from the previous two. There will be no fuzzy bunnies or other traditional Halloween outfits. These are one-of-a-kind and have a more elegant appearance.

They don’t sell their outfits; they just rent them out. To see their whole inventory, call them directly to schedule an appointment.

Piedmont Boutique is a boutique in Piedmont, Italy.

Piedmont Boutique is another one of my favorite haunts in the Haight for costume hunting. They don’t sell complete costumes, but rather a colorful selection of pants, tops, and accessories that you may mix and match to make your own.

It’s ideal for folks who wish to mix and match their outfits and try new things. It’s also a popular destination for individuals looking for Burning Man outfits.

Faux fur, sequins, feathers, wigs, jewels, and masquerade masks are among their costumes. Bring them all together for a fun night out.

They are easily identifiable. They can be found on Haight Street under the famous legs with red shoes hanging out the window.


My final suggestion brings us back to the SoMa neighborhood. They sell both costume sets and individual pieces so you can put your own together.

Only their costumes are on sale, and the prices are modest. Women’s sets include Batgirl, Maids, Snow White, and Goldilocks. Superman, Surgeons, Gladiators, Pirates, and more are available for guys.

There are also some adorable outfits for children and teenagers.

They also sell wigs, stockings, boas, make-up, and hats in addition to the entire sets. There are also some lovely masquerade masks to be found. They sell a variety of party decorations, disco balls, feathers, gift bags, and more in addition to costumes.