September 28, 2022

PC gaming and modding have always been closely related since devoted players employ their technical know-how to customize their preferred PC games.

These user-made additions range from performance and aesthetic upgrades to reintroducing deleted scenes, unlocking a potent weapon, or giving your character an absurd wardrobe.

In this game list, we’ll showcase more information about the top moddable PC games to play in 2022 on Steam and other platforms, showcasing how diverse the modding landscape can be.

United States Truck Simulator

The first game on our list is American Truck Simulator for PC, which lets you drive a large rig while moving cargo across a scenic American frontier.

It has intricate gameplay elements that let you adjust specific aspects for a more immersive experience, like many simulation-based games do.

In order to increase the length of your gameplay, modders have created a variety of new vehicles, trailers, interiors, parts, and maps over the years.

Mercenaries in MechWarrior 5

One of the best games in the BattleTech series, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is praised for its tactical gameplay components and robust mech-based warfare.

Players can go even further by adding mods, even though the main game has a difficult campaign with all the heinous damage they could want.

The MechWarrior 5 modding scene includes anything from adding new mission packs and biomes to improving the gameplay and HUD.

New Vegas from Fallout

Because to the vibrant modding community, Fallout: New Vegas is one of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG series’ most widely remembered installments.

Due to this, the game has developed something of a cult following, and modders have continued to produce progressively ludicrous content on a much wider scale than with previous Fallout games.

Therefore, if you search the internet for New Vegas mods, you’re sure to find them whether you’re looking for bizarre space-age weapons, unusual bonuses, or a fully developed campaign made by fans.

Skylines of cities

Cities: Skylines, which is modeled after earlier city-building games, provides simple controls, objectives, and tools that are simple for any player to learn.

After seeing everything the vanilla version has to offer, veteran gamers could find themselves craving more content.

To improve your experience with Cities: Skyline, you can mod the game to add new maps, props, tools, music, and more.


In the building and automation game Factorio, players are given the resources and freedom to design elaborate factories on unnatural worlds.

The game progresses steadily as you develop new technologies, build supply systems and fortifications, and find ways to speed up production.

As a result, to help them maximize their operations and become as effective as possible, many players look to the Factorio modding community for additional assets, UI components, and QoL improvements.


The colony sim survival game RimWorld, which allows players to crash-land on an exotic planet with a cast of individuals and attempt to establish a community, is our next suggestion.

Similar to Factorio, there are many variables to take into account when building and extending your base, including the distinct physical and emotional requirements of colonists.

Players can choose from a large selection of RimWorld mods that can entirely change the game or just add new objects, factions, and models to give it even more depth.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has benefited from a variety of user-generated material and is unquestionably one of the greatest agricultural simulators to enable modding on PC.

You can customize the world in a variety of ways, from adding new destinations, NPCs, and gameplay mechanics to changing the visual aspects of character pictures, sprites, and structures.

Therefore, this is the ideal moment to browse through the top Stardew Valley mods, whether it’s your first time around the block or you need an excuse to start up a new farm.


The original Doom, one of the most moddable PC games in video game history, must be included in this list.

The renowned shooter has by this time been ported to just about every computer imaginable and is still getting new mods three decades after its initial release.

Popular Doom mods range from logical to downright bizarre, adding new gameplay mechanics, aesthetic tweaks, and levels of new weapons and visual alterations.


Half-Life is a legendary first-person shooter with a renowned modding scene that is still receiving fresh user-generated content today.

The best Half-Life mods, in our opinion, are those that stray from the norm and do something entirely different, despite the fact that there have been several attempts to upgrade and improve the game’s already obsolete aesthetics.

Games like Counter-Strike, Cry of Fear, and Gunman Chronicles, all of which began as Half-Life mods before becoming separate titles, would not have been possible without that mentality.

Remake of Resident Evil 2

Rarely do video games like Resident Evil 2 Remake end up generating a sizable modding community that garners widespread attention.

The majority of this can be ascribed to popular videos of games that had been modified, replacing the character models or clothes with arbitrary pop culture icons.

After all, witnessing Leon or Claire being pursued by a bloodthirsty Thomas the Tank Engine through the RCPD is not the kind of memory that is easily forgotten.

Game of War

Garry’s Mod provides users with a digital playground where they are free to let their ideas run wild while serving as a showcase for Valve’s Source engine.

In reality, user-generated add-ons that include new characters, gameplay, props, and map elements account for practically all of the game’s revenue.

Prop Hunt, a modified version of hide-and-seek that employs player-possessed objects as a starting point for anarchic fun, is undoubtedly the most well-known game to emerge out of Garry’s Mod. is a driving simulation that features really accurate soft-body physics, enabling stunning-looking auto accidents.

Players have had the freedom to support the game since it was first released by creating an endless array of mods that include additional cars, components, maps, etc.

Due to this, BeamNG has emerged as the go-to sandbox game for recreating real-world driving situations and scenarios that push the boundaries of virtual car damage.


As the direct sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 improves on the turn-based tactics gameplay that has been a staple of the franchise.

Similar to its predecessor, it is supported by a strong modding community that has consistently produced fresh content throughout time.

For a better experience that is more considerate of the player’s time, the majority of XCOM mods look for ways to improve gameplay and progression as well as the flow of combat.

Arma 3

Next up is Arma 3, a tactical shooter that exposes players to the brutal realities of war through incredibly difficult combat situations that demand careful planning and coordination.

Some gamers may look for mods to change gameplay or even add extra content to the basic game due to its hard nature.

One of the more eminent instances of this is DayZ, an Arma 3 zombie survival mod that eventually evolved into a full-fledged game.

Inventions V

Compared to earlier games in the series, Civilization V has a sizable modding community, despite not being the most recent title.

Players are still creating new material for the turn-based strategy game a full ten years after its release, and they show no signs of stopping down.

Many of these mods concentrate on enhancing gameplay, animations, and user interface quality of life in order to bring Civilization 5 closer to the degree of detail offered by Civilization 6.

IV Europa Universalis

Another 4X grand strategy game, Europa Universalis IV features a thriving modding community almost ten years after its initial release.

Games of this type typically have open-ended gameplay that necessitates numerous playthroughs from various angles.

Many of the mods for Europa Universalis IV are made specifically with this objective in mind and aim to increase the variety of cultures, choices, and workable strategies to pursue.

Wild Hunt, The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, long regarded as one of the best fantasy role-playing games ever made, has tremendously benefited from a rich library of mods addressing gamers’ problems.

The Witcher 3 modders have kept themselves busy all these years with anything from enhancements to quick travel to altering the game’s HUD and even introducing a photo mode.

There are even revamp mods that take the already excellent original game and crank the volume up a notch with adjustments to advancement, combat, and alchemy for a more engaging experience.


It only seems appropriate to include Minecraft on this list because constructing and modifying stuff to your heart’s delight is the core foundation of the game.

Additionally, it has one of the largest modding communities, which, like Doom, has painstakingly toiled to produce every imaginable form of mod.

Players of Minecraft can push the game’s graphics to produce incredibly realistic effects, create modified servers with unique game modes, or add dozens of new crafting methods.

V Grand Theft Auto

One may argue that Grand Theft Auto V’s modding community is the true driving force behind the game’s popularity, despite most of its success being tied to GTA Online.

At least, this is the picture that emerges from counting the instances that specific mods and servers have been downloaded or accessed.

Role-play servers like FiveM, where users fully embody their avatars and live out their daily lives alongside other players, are one of the most well-liked methods for GTA modification.

Look no farther than the Elder Scrolls series, particularly the fifth installment Skyrim, if you’re looking for extremely moddable PC games.

The game not only holds the record for the most copies sold in the series, but it has also cultivated a passionate modding community that consistently releases new material, bug fixes, and gameplay and graphic updates.

Check out our top picks for the finest Skyrim PC mods to see exactly how far down the rabbit hole goes.

Gateway 2

In addition to being a great puzzle platformer and one of Valve’s best games to date, Portal 2 has received a ton of support from an enthusiastic modder community.

This has produced some very outstanding custom levels with puzzle concepts and narrative elements that all seem to have originated from Valve.

The fan-made extension Portal Stories: Mel stands out because it has full voice acting and extra puzzle levels for players to complete after the main game.

Left 4 Dead 2

We couldn’t help but include Left 4 Dead 2 for good measure because this list already features a lot of Valve games.

It is hailed as the originator of zombie games and features a straightforward but rewarding gameplay loop that improves exponentially with mods.

You can be sure that the Left 4 Dead 2 modding community will meet your needs if you want to upgrade the co-op shooter with additional weapons, enemy skins, levels, or graphics.