Dislyte Game Guide That Will Help You Understand It

If you’re a fan of smartphone role-playing games, you’ve definitely heard a lot about Dislyte, the newest invention from Lilith Games. This stunning beat-driven RPG is both beautiful and engaging, with just the right mix of strategic approach and gameplay challenge. Simple Dislyte hints and a Dislyte beginner’s guide can be found here.

The game features a slew of legendary superheroes and animals. The plot of the game is that mythological demons have taken over the universe and are inflicting devastation. Click here to see more tips for Spatial Tower & Temporal Tower. As a citizen, you will have complete control over preventing the breakdown by confronting the evil guys. Although the game has a captivating tale, there is enough to accomplish if you keep playing.

The present has just collided with the past. The greatest war in history has brought together legendary heroes and legendary monsters. The world’s most fortunate people from Greece, China, Egypt, Europe, and others have recently been bestowed with heavenly presence, changing them into “Espers” to protect the globe. And we’re here to help you out with this Dislyte beginner’s guide, which will cover all you need to know.

To defeat the opponents, use the Espers you have! They have various personalities, depictions, skills, advantages, and disadvantages based on the gods that given them the power. You’ve come to the right place if you’re new to Dislyte and looking for some useful Distyle tips and tricks. With that out of the way, let’s get started on our Dislyte beginner’s tutorial.

Keep your focus on completing missions.

Many people know about it, but if you’re new, the first thing you should focus on is finishing Chapter 6. That will be the first topic covered in the Dislyte beginner’s handbook. To begin with, we are all blessed to have Mona, a wonderful hero with great AoE abilities.

In a game like Dislyte, as in many RPG games, completing objectives is paramount. If you’re new to the game, you should know that completing Chapter Six is crucial to your progress. Completing Chapter Six will reward you with life steal sets, which you can use to increase your character’s skill sets and make them more combat-ready on the battlefield.

On Mona, you can build the Lifesteal outfit after completing Chapter 6. That is essential, as we advocate in this Dislyte beginner guide, but your first key objective is currently in the phase of the game. To get to this level, you’ll need to upgrade a few things, but once you do, you’ll have an unrivaled combination of abilities that you can utilize against any impact dealer in PvE.

If you want the smoothest operations for these tasks, use the finest android emulator, which has a Keyboard Mapping option that lets you build your own controls. You’ll be able to map the most common controls to the keyboard settings here, ensuring that there’s no lag or complexity when moving and controlling each game.

Concentrate on one stage and cultivate it for a week.

The next Dislyte beginner’s tip is to concentrate on one stage and farm it. Even if this isn’t the most ground-breaking suggestion, it’s worth noting. As in most RPGs, you could cultivate crops at any stage indefinitely.

This is also true for Dislyte, and given that you start with dual XP in your first week of play, it could be beneficial if you prefer to jump forward rapidly. As a proposal from this Dislyte beginner guide and suggestions, you’ll have a huge pool of Vigor to work with, so test out several phases until you discover one you can clear quickly and efficiently.

Concentrate on one character at a time.

You should only have one male lead, a serious harm dealer, and you should improve all of their equipment, quantity, and statistics. In the Dislyte beginner guide and tips, we’ll move on to the following topic. Having important characters will make completing PvE stuff more faster and easier, but there is a means to improving them.

Nonetheless, progress is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. When it comes to updating your characters, the best strategy is to do so one at a time. In both PvE and PvP games, upgrading one character and then switching to another will increase your team’s performance. The majority of gamers avoid it because it is a time-consuming process. In the long run, this will yield the best results because your group will have more star characters.

Follow the link to our Dislyte Tier List for more information on how to obtain these Dislyte characters and their whole list.

Whenever possible, upgrade your relics.

For the purposes of this Dislye beginner guide, upgrading is a must. Relics are always important, but don’t invest too much in low-level ones. You can keep updating the novice Relics until you have a solid selection, at which point you can switch them from one of your most amazing characters to another.

There are no unquestionably the best Relics, but some are undeniably superior to others. From Trials Ritual Miracle 5, you can begin receiving yellow Relics, and you should begin assembling your crew for this. It won’t be easy, but the benefits you gain from it will be invaluable.

Choose your relics based on how you want to play, as they all have different abilities. Begin with yellow antiquities and gradually name your collection to get some rewards.

Remember to Invite Friends, Claim Gifts, and Send Gifts.

In the Dislyte universe, friends are significantly more frequent than you may expect. As a result, you can claim and offer Friendship pricing on a daily basis. In this Dislyte beginner guide and recommendations, you must prioritize it.

This may not be as common, but they will be highly useful for a player in the future. Because each Silver Record requires 200 Friendship Points, you must add as many friends as possible and gift/send Friendship Points on a daily basis.

What Are Some Ways We Can Promote Our Espers?

In this Dislyte beginner’s guide and advice, we must mention that encouraging an Esper, also known as fodders or food, is the finest approach to advance faster in the game. For this technique, players must have an identical number of star levels as other espers, as shown below.

It’s worth noting that these espers can only promote if they’re within a certain level range. The maximum level for promotions is 6 stars, which will take you to more than level 60 in the game.

The Use of Currencies

In this Dislyte game, there are various different types of currencies, which we can go over in detail in this Dislyte beginner guide and advice. All of the currencies you see in the game are for a specific activity, and some of them may have multiple uses throughout the game.

Every currency kind will have a limit, and they will occasionally be able to buy or refill it. As follows, there will be three of them.

Gold is a fairly easy money to obtain, and it is primarily used by Dislyte newcomers. This cash can be used to improve relics and make enhancements.

Crystals are a premium currency that may be used to summon creatures from Dislyte’s Echo system.

Stamina is a fundamental currency that will be used extensively throughout the game. For all of the game modes, you’ll require stamina.

Each day, complete your missions.

Daily missions that must be completed within 24 hours and weekly duties that change every week are the two types of operations. As a result, focus on completing tasks in order to earn rewards and XP points. You can also get some gold records, which you can spend to choose some good Esper. So, if you want to be the best in Dislyte, try to complete all of the objectives.

Because you’ll need every Gem you can get your hands on as a free-to-play player, you’ll have to accomplish the daily objectives every day. That brings us to the conclusion of our Dislyte beginning guide with suggestions.


Here is a Dislyte beginner’s guide with suggestions on how to succeed in this amazing realm. Our Dislyte recommendations for newcomers include a simple, no-brainer initial blast as well as a comprehension of the game’s main features to focus on. We understand that these are fundamental skills to have, but they will improve your game and allow you to easily advance to higher levels. Immerse yourself in this aesthetically stunning realm and feel the sensation.