September 28, 2022

Did you realize that over 80% of Instagram accounts follow a business? That alone should entice you to investigate how Instagram may benefit your business. But Instagram success necessitates more than simply photos—you must also link your activity to a company objective and attract the proper people to engage with.

You’ve probably heard stories about people who gained tens of thousands of followers in a matter of days. Unfortunately, not all of those followers are genuine—some people buy followers or utilize automated processes to inflate their reach or impact. Fake followers won’t benefit you if you’re utilizing Instagram for business for one simple reason: they’ll never convert into actual customers.

To increase your bottom line with cheap instagram views, you’ll need to create a following of actual people who have genuine interests in your industry. To accomplish this, you must first give people a cause to follow you, and then connect with the appropriate people. Continue reading to find out how you can achieve both.

Make high-quality material to acquire genuine Instagram followers.
Think about what you want to get out of your Instagram account before you pick up your camera. You can set yourself up for success and track your progress if you know what you’re attempting to accomplish.

However, before we get started, make sure your Instagram profile and bio are full. Take a look at Neil Patel’s tips on how to do it right:

Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish.

Let’s get back to our objectives. Limit your goals to one or two, but make them clear, if you want your business to succeed on Instagram. Here are some examples of how to frame an Instagram objective for your business: “Instagram is being used by my company to:

  • Increase the number of visitors to my website by 20%.
  • Each month, add 300 new email subscribers.
  • 15 percent increase in product sales, or
  • For our new widget, we need 150 pre-orders.”

After you’ve determined your objectives, consider what kind of material will help you achieve them. To put it another way, what kinds of images should you share? People will not be interested in following you if your content is too unpredictable. However, if your content is strategic, you will attract followers who can assist you in growing your company.

Tell your story using photos.

The most straightforward place to begin is with photographs of individuals, which add a personal touch to your company. The challenge is to connect your goal to the photographs you upload. By combining these two elements, your images will provide a visual story to your followers that conveys the message you want them to remember. If you’re looking for new employees, you may use people-centered photographs that show happy workers in action. You might upload photographs of individuals using your products if you want to promote sales.

You might also utilize photographs that are solely focused on the product. For example, if you want to increase sales by piqueing interest in your product’s technical specifications, you may share behind-the-scenes images of your manufacturing procedures or the tools you employ.

You can also utilize text-based pictures to communicate important information. Quotes are really popular. If you want to inspire loyalty or establish trust, you may publish brand-related inspirational quotations, client testimonials, or mind-blowing data.

Aim to post at least one or two images and, if possible, one video per day.

Regardless of what type of photos you decide to share, original photos are essential. Instagram users demand original content, not rehashed stock imagery, from you as a photo-sharing site.

Create a consistent image.

You need visual consistency in what you post, just like you need it in your content strategy, to give your content a coherent aesthetic that makes your business look professional. To improve the quality of your images, use Instagram’s photo filters. If you find a filter that you like, use it regularly to give your posts a polished image.

Consider utilizing the same color scheme and font for quotes, having your staff stand in the same way, or include the same prop or emblem in all of your images. All of them are methods for making your brand distinctive to your followers; choose one or two that feel suitable for your brand and put them to the test.

Make captions matter.

You’ll need a caption once you’ve taken a picture to post. Be descriptive and interesting, and prioritize the most important content so that it appears first in your followers’ feeds.

Hashtags are very important on Instagram, even more so than on Twitter or Facebook, and you must use them differently. Consider hashtags to be a catalog system for people you haven’t yet interacted with. If they were looking for content similar to yours, what would they look for? Put yourself in their position and come up with a list of hashtags that will help them find your content quickly.

For hashtags, hack

Once you’ve come up with a few ideas, look them up on Instagram. Take notice of any other hashtags that are associated with them and decide if they are important to you. As always, being detailed is preferable. Although general hashtags have a large reach, they are unlikely to reach your target audience. It’s important to be found by the proper individuals, not just anyone. Once you’ve compiled a list, save it in a document or spreadsheet for future use.

When it comes to hashtags, how many should you use? It appears that a number between 5 and 15 is the most effective. Do you want to stand out a little more from the crowd? Instead of directly with the photo, put the hashtags in a comment. This method makes your caption simpler to read while still allowing users to discover you.

You should use Instagram’s geolocation feature in addition to hashtags. This is particularly critical for brick-and-mortar businesses that want customers to come to their real location.

You can start attracting more quality followers now that you have amazing material.

Locate your supporters.

It’s here that the magic happens. You don’t have to wait for the right individuals to come to you; you can go discover them yourself! What are the places where your ideal followers congregate? Check out the accounts of your competitors and other people in your industry. Who is it that is following them? To discover out, click on the “followers” button. Don’t be afraid to follow them! Many of them will return the favor.

This can be taken a step further. Do you recall when we were looking for hashtags? You can repeat the process, but this time look closely at some of the top posts that appear in your search results, as well as the accounts that posted them. Do they have interests that are comparable to yours based on their posts and bio? Is it possible that their followers would be interested in your content? Look at who your followers are by clicking on them. They should be followed as well! Many will follow you back, just as they did before.

Collaborate with those who have a lot of clout.

Influencers are Instagram users in your field who have a large number of real followers. Collaborating with influencers can be a very beneficial strategy to quickly grow a large number of real followers. This is because these influencers have already put in the effort to assemble a targeted following in one location. Working with them can help you get the word out to this demographic about your account. Collaboration with influencers can be done in a variety of ways. While purchasing a brand mention is the simplest and most usual technique, it can be costly. In exchange for promoting the influencer’s website on your blog, you may also ask for a shout out. Alternatively, you could give away free samples or free goods in exchange for them spreading the word about you. Make sure you follow the FTC requirements for transparency and liability issues, regardless of which influencer marketing technique you use.

Real Instagram followers expect you to engage and be genuine.

Instagram sets limits on how many accounts you can follow each day to protect users from inappropriate behavior. However, if you consistently post high-quality material and spend just a few minutes following others multiple times a day, the number of followers you gain will continue to grow without raising red flags because you’re being thoughtful and methodical in your approach. And the work is worthwhile since those who follow you back do it because they genuinely care about your brand.

You’ll want to be involved in the community after you start following more individuals (and they follow you back). Scrutinize your feed for photos that catch your eye and “like” or comment on the ones you like. This involvement will pay off—the more you reach out, the more people will seek you out.

Keep track of your progress.

What criteria do you use to determine success? Keep track of the statistics that are important to you. But keep in mind that this is a long-term investment. If you don’t give something time to succeed, you won’t know if it’s working. Here are some metrics to keep an eye on:

How many unique people come to your website from Instagram?
What’s the total number of new followers you’ve gained?
How much interaction (e.g., likes and comments) are you getting? Is it true that some hashtags get more attention than others?