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Subscribing Without an Email Address (RSS Feed)

Subscription to RSS feed enables you to receive recent news from the web witout having to provide your email address, or having to manually visit the web sites that are of interest to you.

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Can I subscribe to more than one RSS feed?

Absolutely. The news aggregator program is called that way because it can “aggregate”, or collect, the content of different sources in a single place, resulting in smoother browsing. The main benefit is the possibility to check the news on dozens of websites in a few seconds without even opening your browser.

Can I receive spam or viruses from a RSS feed?

No. Since you do not provide any information about yourself upon subscription, it is not possible for a website’s webmaster to send you spam or viruses. If you are no longer interested in the content of a RSS feed, simply unsubscribe. Your aggregator will stop reading the RSS file, without warning the sender.

How to get started?

In order to read a RSS-type file, you need an “aggregator” software. Working somewhat like an e-mail software, it reads the various RSS files to which you subscribed, so that you can see the updates at a glance.

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