Warnex Medical Laboratories offers pharmacogenetic services, which contribute to the study of genetic factors that influence an individual's reaction to a drug. Pharmacogenetics opens the doors to personalized medicine, enabling medical personnel to prescribe more efficient treatments according to their patients' genetic profiles and therefore increasing their effectiveness while reducing the risk of adverse side effects. Pharmacogenetics will also improve the overall process of drug development, reducing the time and cost involved in drug discovery and clinical trials.

We offer numerous pharmacogenetic services and seek new working associations in this emerging field. For high throughput analysis on different types of samples or for the development of case study protocols, our laboratory offers an unparalleled cost/benefit ratio.

GENDIA Partnership

Warnex Medical Laboratories is the exclusive Canadian distributor for GENDIA, a network of genetic diagnostic laboratories offering the largest panel of genetic diagnostic tests worldwide. Click here for more information.


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Dr. Yvan Côté
Vice President & General Manager
Warnex Medical Laboratories
Tel: (450) 663-6724 x 380