Medical Tests

Warnex Medical Laboratories provides specialized medical testing, including the Prenatest® prenatal screening test and the PRO-DNATM paternity test. We also focus on the development of innovative assays as well as the refinement of existing diagnostic tests to produce assays with greater clinical value and relevance for reliable and cost-effective patient assessment and management. With our growing array of tests, Warnex is establishing a pre-eminent role in providing specialized laboratory testing services in Canada.

We perform testing in a wide range of clinical specialties, including endocrinology, haematology, infectious diseases, obstetrics/gynaecology, and oncology. We also have extensive expertise in genetic testing for human identification, molecular diagnostics, and pharmacogenetics.

Warnex Medical Laboratories is an important source of specialized testing for hospitals, private laboratories, and medical specialists. As a development-driven medical laboratory, we work extensively in collaboration with medical discovery companies to adapt their research into viable clinical tools for improved diagnosis and monitoring of disease states.

Warnex Medical Laboratories is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada under ISO 15189 "Medical laboratories - Particular requirements for quality and competence". To view the complete scope of accreditation, click here.

We are also certified by the Laboratoire de santé publique du Québec (LSPQ). Our laboratory follows Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and we have internal quality control programs as well as regular audits from our Quality Assurance Department.


Medical Laboratories Brochure (PDF: 1.0 Mb)
Prenatest Brochure (PDF: 510 Kb)
PCA3 Brochure (PDF: 1.9 Mb)
Septin9 Brochure (PDF: 671 Kb)


Dr. Yvan Côté
Vice President & General Manager
Warnex Medical Laboratories
Tel: (450) 663-6724 x 380