Analytical Services

Warnex Analytical Services provides consulting and analytical services in chemistry, microbiology and chromatography to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industries. With our main facilities in Laval as well as our Neopharm Laboratories division in Blainville, we perform a wide variety of quality control tests on raw materials as well as finished products. We also offer a full range of ICH stability conditions and provide total stability management. In addition, we develop and validate new methods, revalidate existing methods to ensure compliance with current regulatory requirements and perform technology transfers.

Warnex also now offers manufacturing validation services for the validation and qualification of equipment, systems, utilities, processes, laboratory instrumentation and computerized systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

Warnex Analytical Services is in good standing on all matters of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Its facilities are regularly audited by the FDA (United States) and HPFBI (Canada).

All tests are carried out using methods from relevant compendia and pharmacopoeia. We use a wide variety of the state-of-the-art instrumentation in order to provide our clients with the highest quality services. All equipment is fully validated and is regularly calibrated and inspected.


Analytical Services Brochure (PDF: 356 Ko)
Manufacturing Validation Services Brochure (PDF: 1,9 Mb Kb)
New Service: UPLC Testing (PDF: 510 Kb)


Gilles Paquin
Director, Pharmaceutical Sales
Tel: (450) 663-6724 x 229